LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper Review

LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer Review

When the time comes to clear your home of any insects, there are a few options available, but there are few better choices than a bug zapper. Today, we are going to be looking at one of the best bug zappers on the market that is designed for use inside of your house. There are many different types of bug zappers.

Before we get to our review, let's go over some of the bug zapper types that you will come across, so you can get better acquainted with the available options. The first kind of bug zapper is the traditional variety, which makes use of a lamp to attract insects and lure them into a mesh which is electrified.

LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper Working

This type of bug zapper tends to be universal, affordable, and reliable. If you want to ensure that you get the job done and you aren't looking for anything fancy, this is your best option. The next choice you have available is the outdoor bug zapper which is designed for exactly what you expect.

Outdoor bug zappers tend to be more rugged and reliable than models which are designed for indoor use. Since these models are expected to take some punishment when they are positioned outside of the home, they are meant to be able to soak up a little bit more damage than other options.

The next option you have when it comes time to choose your ideal bug zapper is the racket variety. Racket bug zappers are similar in shape to a tennis racket. They are what you would get if you combined a large fly swatter with a bug zapper. They are electrified rackets that kill insects upon touching them.

Before we move on to our review, let’s take a look at one of the characteristics which is critical in some of the best bug zappers that are available on the market.

Ease Of Cleaning

A bug zapper is necessarily a messy product. If you are going to be investing in something which zaps insects to death, you have to expect it to get a little dirtier than some of the other products that you will be purchasing for your home.

When the time comes to clean out your bug zapper, you will want it to be quick and convenient. There are several features which could contribute to making a bug zapper more convenient to clean. For example, some feature a removable tray which catches the remains of bugs that were captured.

LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper Plug

Most of the models which come included with a tray to catch the bugs tend to be indoor models, as you will not want bug remains to be left on your floor. Outdoor bug zappers typically feature an open underside that allows the remains of insects to fall out once they have been zapped.

Once bugs fall out of outdoor models, they will either get biodegraded into the ground, or they will be taken away by the wind. This saves you the trouble of having to clean out a tray after every week of use. While outdoor models are more convenient to clean, they also don't have to keep the surroundings as clean.

About The Product

If you want an indoor bug zapper, you could do worse than this model from LiBa. Let’s go over some of the reasons why this is one of our favorite models. Some notable features of this product:

  • The light wavelength which is emitted by this model is optimized for the attraction of pests
  • The grid features a 2800 V power level
  • The warranty which is included with this product has a duration of three years
  • The inclusion of a 90-day satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will enjoy this product
  • This model comes packaged with two replacement UV light bulbs
  • The addition of a wire cage will keep you protected from shocks
  • The removable tray is easy to wash out
  • This model is included with a wire chain so it can be hung from a wall


We would argue that the most impressive feature of this bug zapper is the inclusion of UV light bulbs which emit a certain wavelength of light that is capable of attracting mosquitos. While other bug zappers may have difficulty attracting some pests, you will find that is not an issue with this product.

LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper In Kitchen

The included wire cage is a great way to ensure that you and everyone else around this bug zapper remain protected from accidental electric shocks. As with most other indoor bug zappers, this product comes included with a tray to catch the remains of burnt bugs.

The choice to package this product with two replacement light bulbs ensures that you will be able to use this bug zapper for longer than the competition right out of the box. The warranty and guarantee that come with this model are also longer than the ones which are usually included with other products.

What Others Say

We have also taken a look at some buyer reviews for this product. Most customers are impressed with this model's efficiency in catching flies in mosquitos, something which is not typical with many types of bug zappers that use UV lights.

When it comes to complaints, there is not much to report, as few customers had issues with this product. While it was noted that this model is not as resilient as an outdoor bug zapper, it is not meant to be, as it is designed to be placed inside of your home.

Buying Advice

This bug zapper is relatively affordable when it is compared to some of the other models which are available that have similar capabilities. You can purchase this bug zapper for around 40 dollars when you shop for it on Amazon and other, similar retailers.

LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper



If you want an indoor bug zapper that is far more capable than much of the competition for a reasonable price, this is the best option. We hope our review has been able to help you.

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