Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper Review

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer Review

If you are looking for the best way to keep your home clear of insects and other flying pests, you will find that a bug zapper is your best recourse for several reasons. Let’s go over how a bug zapper functions before we get to our review. Knowing the inner workings of a product can help you understand it better.

Understanding a product better means that you are in a better position to judge whether or not one will be useful, depending on your needs. You will find that most bug zappers are quite simple products that consist of a system which is split into two parts. The first system attracts the insects, and the second system kills them.

Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper

Most bug zappers with a traditional design make use of a lamp to attract insects. Perhaps you have seen bugs be attracted to artificial lights before, sometimes even flying to their deaths in the heat emitted by an incandescent light bulb. The same principle is used in most bug zappers.

Instead of visible light, the best bug zappers emit UV light, which attracts insects even more efficiently. UV light is reflected off of plants to show insects where they can find sources of nutrients, so your bug zapper is essentially convincing insects that it is a giant plant.

The second system consists of an electrified mesh. The lamp is positioned behind this mesh, and when bugs fly through the holes in this mesh, they get stuck and complete the circuit. This results in insects which are lured into the bug zapper being electrocuted and then falling.

The bugs can either fall into a waiting tray out of which they can be thrown out, or they can just fall out of the zapper and land on the ground, so they decompose. In the next section, we are going to look at one of the most critical aspects of any bug zapper.


When searching for your ideal bug zapper, you will want to consider cost. While it is true that more expensive products are typically built to higher standards, keep in mind that this is not always the case. You may end up spending far more money than is necessary if you insist on buying expensive models.

When it comes to bug zappers, there are not too many extra features which can come included, so the price will usually reflect the quality of your product’s construction. This does not mean that you should dive in head first and try and find the most expensive bug zapper possible.

Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper

Depending on what you expect out of your bug zapper, you can typically find one available for a reasonable price and still get a good amount of use out of it. This is the point where researching your chosen product comes in handy as you may end up finding a more affordable option.

If you do not take the time to research your chosen bug zapper, you may find that you can get the same capabilities out of a product which is half the price. While this may not be too much money when discussing bug zappers, it is about the principle of being a smart buyer.

About The Product

If you want an outdoor bug zapper which is as durable as possible, there are few better options than this product from Flowtron. Let’s look at it in further detail. Some notable features of this product:

  • The killing grid of this model will not get clogged up
  • The included UV light is a 40 W bulb
  • This product comes included with an Octenol cartridge
  • The weatherproof construction of this product ensures that it will not be damaged by rain
  • This product comes included with a two-year limited warranty
  • The radius in which this product is effective is up to one acre
  • The outer enclosure of this product is designed to be as resilient as possible


There are so many features that make this product a much better choice than other outdoor bug zappers. Let’s start with the killing mesh, which has a proprietary design which is sure not to clog up. This ensures that bug remains don’t end up flaring up and possibly damaging your bug zapper.

Insects In Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper

The Octenol cartridge which is included with this model ensures that pesky mosquitos will also get lured into the mesh and zapped since they tend to avoid UV light. Where this model truly shines, however, is in how much more durable it is than the competition.

The weatherproof design of this product ensures that you won’t have to deal with any water damage or similar issues. The outer housing of this bug zapper is much more resilient than the housing that you will find on other models which are relatively similar.

What Others Say

We also decided to look at what other buyers had to say about this model. Most of them were as impressed as we were by the durability of this product. Unlike other bug zappers, this one is capable of taking a hit, so you don’t have to worry about being gentle when you are first setting it up.

When it comes to negatives, there is not much that we can say. Most of the reviews for this product were positive. There were a few issues with weight, but a higher weight is to be expected in a product which is so resilient to shocks and damage.

Buying Advice

For an outdoor bug zapper, this product is surprisingly affordable. If you are looking for the best long-term investment, there are few better options than this model. Thanks to the combination of price point and reliability, you can be sure to get the best bang for your buck out of this 65-dollar bug zapper.

Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper

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If you are looking for the best outdoor bug zapper, hands-down, then you have found it. We hope that our review has helped you learn enough about this excellent product.

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